If you need to see to any kind of specialist, the very first thing they request, prior to beginning any sort of treatment or procedure is – a CONSULTATION! Why? Because that is where they figure out the issue or concern and then make a plan to manage it.

It’s exactly the same with your skin!

For me, as a skin specialist, consultations prior to beginning your skin journey are essential. Treating the skin in a holistic manner (as I do), means that we try to find the cause of why your skin isn’t happy – and that means we need the time to ask the questions and have the conversations.

Often clients coming to me are frustrated! They have been suffering with a skin condition for a while, and have tried many other ways to resolve it, but with no luck. Most often a band-aid approach has been used, treating the symptom only and giving a short-term result, (the minute you stop using that cortisone cream – bam! The flare-up comes back. Am I right?)

So now you’ve found me! You’re sick of the quick fix, which is perfect because that’s what I’m all about.

Your skin is a great barometer for letting you know your overall health. What is presenting on your skin is a sign of what is going on internally. In a consultation we take into account factors such as:

  • lifestyle
  • diet
  • stress
  • environmental factors
  • hormones
  • current skin routine and products used

Having this conversation requires time – but I promise you, it’s what gets the long-term results. If we were to just have a quick 10-minute chat while cleansing your skin on the treatment bed, it doesn’t give us the opportunity to deep dive into everything and find out the clues as to why your skin is misbehaving. I take a very individualised approach to these consultations as no two skins or lifestyles are alike.

Consultations go for about an hour and they go very, very fast (I have a lot to say)!! Prior to coming in you will be asked to complete a consultation form online that we will go through thoroughly together. It also becomes a mini skin education session and you walk away with some knowledge on skin anatomy and physiology because – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! If you understand the ‘why’ – you will use your topical and internal products everyday as you know their purpose and how they will benefit your skin.

We take photos on our Observ skin scanner to see all the structures of your skin, allowing us to track your progress – which is super important. Skin changes over time may be small, but very significant! We often forget how far our skin has come on the journey.

Finally, together we come up with a home care prescription plan and in-clinic treatment plan that is sustainable for you. The goal is always long-term because again, that is where we get results. Baby steps work perfectly fine, and yes we often need patience (I wish I had a magic wand that could fix everything immediately). This is a journey, not a race, and so long as your individual treatment plan works for you, you will maintain it – and that is the key to your skin success.

Skin consultations set us up with the tools we need for a successful, results driven skin journey – with the goal of you having your healthiest, most beautiful skin ever!