Maskne, isoskin – two years ago, these terms in the skin industry didn’t exist.

Now with our lives being turned upside down constantly, we KNOW that stress negatively influences our skin health, and having to wear masks (hello bacteria – come out to play!) – we have to work with managing the way our current lifestyle is impacting our skin.

I’m all about treating the skin holistically. Looking at WHY your skin is misbehaving, figuring out the trigger, removing it, and healing the skin.

BUT in this situation, we can’t remove the triggers – the stress from lockdowns, the mask wearing… so we have to work with managing your skin through these times.

Isoskin can look like:

  • Breakouts and inflammation
  • Dull skin
  • Redness
  • Irritation or itchy skin
  • Dryness and flaky skin
  • Flare up of eczema or dermatitis
  • Flare up of acne

Some, but not all, of the reasons your skin is misbehaving:

  • Stress – this is such an umbrella term, and there are so many different ways stress presents itself. It looks and feels a little different for everyone.
  • Mask wearing
  • Lack of movement
  • Less water intake
  • Being indoors
  • Season change
  • Heaters on
  • Poor gut health

Look after yourself! Be kind to yourself. Your skin will benefit.

Remember, your skin is a barometer of your overall health. The better you are feeling, the healthier it will appear.

  • Self-care – however that works for you. A bath, a walk, a 5 minute meditation, locking yourself in the bathroom and doing your skin routine (my fave)!
  • Ensure your nutritional intake is feeding your body with goodness
  • Check in with me for a virtual consultation or skin check in

My favourite skin tips for maskne and isoskin: (click on the product to take you straight there)

  • Cleanse thoroughly and correctly. Pre-Cleanse Oil massaged in for 5 minutes at night prior to cleansing is amazing.
  • Hydrating Clay Mask can be mixed in with the Pre-Cleanse Oil to also help clear your skin, and apply at night on breakouts to reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Sebu Masque for anyone experiencing sore, inflamed breakouts. This is amazing and mimics an in salon sterilising peel.
  • PRIN Home Mask Kits are the ultimate for skin health and bringing your skin back to life. Great for all skins.
  • Epi Nouvelle Sheet Masks for hydration, glow and self-care.
  • Super Moisturiser add one pump to your morning routine. This barrier cream will help to protect your skin from drying out under the mask.
  • EFA’s!! Essential Fatty Acids – Essential for a reason. You should all be taking your omegas. During this time you may want to increase your dosage.
  • Internal Gut Support Bone broth + Collagen to help support your gut lining and reduce skin inflammation – less redness and breakouts!

Please reach out to me anytime. We can keep your skin on the right track together x