ProLogic Travel Kit


Your facial doesn’t have to end in the clinic, take it home with you! Or looking to try our range?? Also the perfect little travel kit or gift for someone special.


Product Description

How to use:

1)Fill up sink with warm water and place the microfiber cloth into the water to soak.
2) Massage 2 x pumps of the Pre-Cleanse oil into your face, neck and chest. There is a hint of rose essential oil for you to inhale to help you slow down and have a sense of ritual with your routine.
3) Leaving the pre-cleanse oil on your skin, then apply the cream cleanser. massage this into the face and apply a little water if needed. Use the pre-soaked microfiber cloth to remove both cleansers from the face.
4) Spray the hydrating spray into your hands and spray the spray into your clean face, neck and chest. (Please note – if you’ve been told you need to rebuild your barrier function, then it is best to hold off on the spray for the initial 2 weeks).
5) Finish with the antioxidant night oil. Ensure you leave at least 20 mins before getting into bed so your pillow doesn’t absorb the oil.

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